VIDEOGRAPHY – Corporate Environment

Video stimulates your senses – both visual and audio. It can in a lot of cases be a welcome interlude in-between reading reams of documents. The secret of an effective production is to
keep it short, interesting and informative. Capture your audiences attention immediately and maintain it till the last second. Ideally the video length should be less than three minutes,
dependant on the subject matter.

Production concepts:

· Meet the new CEO/Area Manager etc

· Employee/Salesperson of the month

· Strategy sessions share with national staff

· Training

· New product announcement

· Prize giving functions

· Golf days

· CSI projects

· Corporate family days

Create awareness amongst staff and customers globally by:

· Sharing video online via company intranet

· Publish on company website

· Include in newsletter

· Share on your social media platforms

PLEASE NOTE: Video is a blank canvas. You can create absolutely anything. Steer your message in any way you wish. It is important to note that talking heads should be avoided. The production should have as much visually stimulating imagery as required – photographic and video cutaways. Creativity and video production is not set in stone. Explore and discover just what you think will make your video presentation unique. Your vision is unique and your audio/visual representation should match this. Direction and scripting assistance can be provided over and above the video recording and production service.