Opinion Piece: I would not like to be in Cyril’s shoes

Looks like queues from days gone by on election days…How many feel like those votes were wasted right now? So many are so disappointed with current government and have been outwardly expressing this. I have seen it all over social media.


I would not want to be in Cyril’s shoes right now. Some feel he has been slow to react, but who would have foreseen the extent of the havoc we have witnessed in last week. He literally has had one grenade after another tossed at him. He is juggling a lot that needs to be dealt with immediately and also longterm! These types of decisions cannot be made lightly due to the repercussions. Cyril also sat with advisors who shaped/crafted the decisions. He is the figurehead that had to deliver it.

Our nation must take responsibility for the lawlessness that exploded and manifested so unexpectedly and rapidly by the hour.Years of unfulfilled promises, resentment and resulting feelings of entitlement, turned our nation into a ticking time bomb. They looted cause they could. They took advantage cause they could. They were self serving cause they could. They have goods in their homes now that they feel they should have had since 1994. Promises of jobs and a roof over their heads have never been realised.

In a lot of ways I did not blame the opportunists, but the extent of the criminality, unnecessary destruction and deaths has just left me feeling numb!I would probably have joined in, if I was in a situation of pure and undignified poverty.I am not sure myself how I have survived financially since being retrenched at end of 2014. I have not had any secure income since then. I have learnt how to stretch every penny and roll credit. I have received food parcels and donations. I am not too proud to admit this.

Before we judge anyone over this travesty, try and put your feet in their shoes – whether it is of the impoverished or even Cyril – they are all being judged. Who are you to judge anyway?

Those who looted who already go to bed with their bellies full, with roofs over their heads should be ashamed. They are just criminals who took advantage of the chaos. We have seen many named and shamed. CEO’s and private school educated individuals who live in luxury suburbs!Can prayer save our nation? Are there enough believers?

Mandela had a long walk to freedom – I am not sure how long it is going to take for us to recover from this, but I know we are all going to have to be patient!

Maybe I have it all wrong and sinister forces are at work. Let us see what unfolds.(I pinched this image from Roma Hodgson as I could not share her post )

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