Steamy #Covid Spring Cleaning Discoveries

#Covid19 Fess up! What have you found in your cupboards whilst clearing out during #Lockdown?


When you saw this headline, I bet you thought I was going to announce that I have leapt out of the closet. Nope, still into men!

Then, when you saw the photo, you thought I was going to reveal that I am some crazy sex fiend. Hhhmmmm….

What I can reveal is that I am glad  my son was not around, when I pulled my pretty pink furry cuffs out of the top of the cupboard. He would have lost it and not in a fun way either!

Fortunately I am not perfect and he told me so. He did however say that I did the best I could, with what I had available, to be the best mother I could be. We admittedly faced a lot of challenges.

Sometimes I feel like he is the parent. He always tells me to be to careful because he never knows what I could get up to next. 

Yes there were the days as a journalist, that I would be out in the middle of protest action, being shot at with rubber bullets and water cannon, being pelted with rocks, bricks and golf balls, stun grenades exploding at my feet and being blinded and choked by tear gas cannisters, or being charged at by a lunatic striking truck driver holding a shambok and glass Coke bottle – apart from that, I am not sure why he was so worried.

I was recently talking about scuba diving in Thailand, and he could not believe that I put my head under water. Never mind all the extraordinary stuff that I have done whilst adventuring around the world, including having several ferile monkeys climbing all over me – one even trying to nibble on my nipple. Others may have freaked out but I knew remaining calm was the safest option, otherwise I could have suffered a bite and caught rabies.

As his mother he would love to imagine that I should never have seen fluffy cuffs, nor possibly have used them. And I am not going to tell you whether I did or not just in case one day my son happens upon this article. I dont think he will disown me, however he may use them to lock me up at home to save me from myself. It may not be such a bad idea because me, myself, never know what mischief I could find myself in next!

I still believe though that the worst find ever whilst spring cleaning, was a school lunch box under the bed. Formerly a cheese sandwich it had transformed into something hot and steamy!  I felt sorry for its end destination. 

Entertain us and share your horror stories of what you have discovered, something long forgotten or never seen before in your closets. I look forward to your comments or email me

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