VIDEO Men In Tutus explore Montecasino as they tour South Africa


Les Ballets Eloelle led by founder, Artistic Director and lead dancer Victor Trevino, features one of the few all-male comedy ballet companies in the world – a troupe of such dancers: men dancing roles traditionally reserved for women.

Men In Tutus current tour of South Africa consists of 5 works described below by Victor Trevino:

We begin with Pas de Quatre, which is an old romantic era ballet that was created to bring 4 great ballerinas of the time together.  It was a huge headache for the producer of this idea as the grand dames were not all that willing to acquiesce to the idea that the others were in the same league as themselves.

This ballet is really a lot of what you might think ballet is, egos are on full display.

Then we continue with a Pas de Deux, most likely Le Corsaire Pas de Duex.

These pieces are show pieces that display the technical abilities of the dancers.  Of course, in our version, the dancing and comedy will go hand in hand.

The third piece of the evening is called “Go for Barocco,” and is a parody of George Balanchine’s choreography.  Balanchine believed that ballet was about women and used simple costumes to focus on the beautiful bodies of dancers.  We too, will offer some eye-catching bodies for our audiences to gaze upon and will lovingly recreate his style.

The first act ends with the most famous solo in dance, “The Dying Swan.”  We have spent a lot of time recreating a faithful rendition of the famous fowl’s final flight.  Bring your hankies, it’s a tear jerker.  T

The evening ends with the full 2nd act of Swan Lake.

This ballet is one that I think almost everyone has heard of.  It follows the courtship of a young prince and a lovely swan.  This type of relationship was probably more popular in the past before internet dating sites appeared.


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