#ThePixies will be cashless at Rock On The Lawn Carnival City

Rock On The Lawns at Carnival City is going completely cashless with Howler. This means that all your money will be loaded onto a cashless card. Your experience will be faster, safer and easier. If you don’t spend all your money, you can cash out your remaining balance at the event, or afterwards online.

The Pixies are supported by cream of South African music greats: Springbok Nude Girls, Prime Circle, aKing, CrashCarBurn, Shortstraw, The Sweet Resistance and The Robfather (DJ

  • Venue:           Festival Lawns, Carnival City, Joburg
  • Date:              18 March 2017
  • Prices:            From R495

Tickets:           www.computicket.com

How to Load your Howler Card:
Leave your wallet at home and get loaded on online (https://www.howler.co.za/events/RockOnTheLawns)
Load up on site at one of our strategically located loading stations with CASH, CREDIT or DEBIT cards
Card Cost : R10
Cost to Refund on site : R0
Cost to Refund online post event R10
For more information visit www.howler.co.za
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Q & A

Can I Pre-Load online?
Yes we encourage people to Pre Load online to avoid having to bring cash or cards to the event and will provide the safest experience. There will be dedicated chutes for people that have pre loaded to ensure a more seamless experience. There are no additional fees to load online.

What payment methods are accepted to load the Howler Card at the event?  If you have not pre loaded-you can load the Howler card with CASH, CREDIT/DEBIT cards. We encourage you to bring cash, as this will be the quickest experience. If the mobile networks go down this will affect your ability to load with credit/debit cards.

Is there a fee to load online?
No, Howler have waived this fee for this event

Can I use my contactless Card?
Yes you can use your contact less card to load your howler card. You will not be able to use your contactless outside the loading stations. The reason for this is there is a limit on the contactless transaction and if the credit card machines fail you will not be able to transact

Can I Re-use the howler card at another event?
No, this card can only be used at this once off event

Is there a cost to Load at the event ?
No, there are no costs to Load at the event

How much can I load on my card?
You can load as much as you plan to spend. We encourage you to load what you plan to spend so you don’t have you keep on loading again at the top up stations.

What is the cost of the card?
There is a once off cost of R10 for the card.

Can people share Cards?
Yes you can and we encourage this. If you share a card with a partner this will half the costs of the car

Can I refund on Site?
Yes you can. Refunds will be open until after the event. There is no cost to refund on site.

Can I refund online?
Yes you can. Refunds are processed to South African Bank accounts; If you are an international visitors you can cash-out to a PayPal Accoun

How to I check my balance on my card?
You can check your balance on the card at every touch point, ie Loading Stations, Bartenders, Food Vendors.

Why do I have to wait 96 hours to get my money back?
As this systems runs offline We need to make sure that all the balances are correct and there is no missing data. All credit card transactions take 3-5days to clear into our bank account . Seeing as the event is on Saturday this will only clear in our bank accounts by Wednesday.

Why don’t we accept Mobile payments like Zapper or Snapscan?
We do not accept mobile payments such as Zapper or Snapscan. If your phone dies you would not be able to transact. Zapper and Snapscan still rely on mobile networks and if this fails you will not be able to transact. The time it takes to process these payments in a high volume environment increases the waiting times

How will this affect my experience?

This will not affect your experience as whole. We have a great event lineup for you. We believe this will add to a faster experience at the bars and food vendors.

Should we have not addressed your concerns, please email support@howler.co.za

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