Technical failure affects voting process for The Voice SA

M-Net apologises for the technical failure during Sunday night’s live voting on The Voice SA.  Historically, voting issues on M-Net’s reality shows have been on the SMS platforms only, which were excluded from Sunday night’s voting for that reason, and never on online voting platforms. Nonetheless, we accept and take responsibility and need to find ways to improve these services.

“M-Net may take responsibility for this glitch however it is my belief that it is only really the paid sms votes that count,” said Louise McAuliffe, editor of LaMaZing.

“There are so many platforms within which to vote for nothing, or using seriously low data costs, that these votes tally up very fast. It will be interesting to see the final audit which should reveal the balance of the freely available social media voting channels versus the paid sms contribution.”

“I do understand that those who do not necessarily have the means to vote, should get the opportunity – but then there are those who put their money and the sms effort behind who they believe should really win.”

“Winner of The Voice SA, Richard Stirton, made very careful song selections. His choice of song “Sound of Silence” in the semi final, was what won me over when it came to selecting who I believed would win.”

“His rendition of the song sat at number one on the iTunes charts for days. It was clear that South Africans not only loved the song but bought a copy of it as well for their personal pleasure.”

“I watched Richard’s performance three times over on my DStv explorer.”

“There are always sceptics when it comes to reality shows and the voting process. Some believe at times that results are fixed.”

“What South Africans also need to comprehend is that mostly women watch reality shows and they tend to favour voting for the talented, dashing, handsome man – that is why our ladies do not receive the votes that they deserve in most cases. Ask your friends who they voted for and see if what I believe is the case – but don’t tell them my theory first.”

“There were some seriously talented contestants in The Voice SA and the wonderful part of this competition is that more than a few of them are being offered opportunities like recording contracts, and concert tour deals than have ever been noted in any of the other reality vocal talent show so far in South Africa.”

“M-Net have not decided wether or not there will be a second season of The Voice as yet in South Africa. I really hope that there is, as the talent exposed in this show seems to have been provided with the best chance of a successful musical career so far, out of all other reality shows.”

Following a thorough investigation, M-Net and DStv Digital Media, which runs all of Multichoice’s online platforms, ascertained that a complex configuration problem affected the access to The Voice SA online voting platforms. The numerous tests with high volumes of potential votes, which took place prior to Sunday night’s voting, did not reveal these issues. Despite their best efforts, the large technical team who were on site at the time could not resolve the issue within the 30 minute voting period.

Due to these platform accessibility issues, M-Net in consultation with independent firm Deloitte & Touche, decided on Sunday night not to add Sunday night’s voting figures to the votes from the last voting period which closed on Thursday, 19 May at 22:00, as originally planned. Instead, in line with the Terms and Conditions published on The Voice SA website, the voting stats up until Thursday evening at 22:00 were used to determine the winner.

Among the votes allocated to the Top 4 talent by Thursday, 19 May, The Voice SA winner Richard Stirton received 42% of the votes, Gavin Edwards 29%, Almur Marais 19% and Jeremy Olivier 10%.

M-Net can also confirm that the votes received on the free voting platforms on Sunday night would not have influenced the outcome of the competition, as the ranking order of  the Top 4 talent stayed the same. Votes for all voting periods are verified by the independent firm Deloitte & Touche.

M-Net believes that The Voice SA has provided an incredible platform to launch the careers of the amazing talent who participated in the series. Universal Music has already indicated that they would like to offer ten of the performers who participated on the show recording contracts.  To date, it has been confirmed that Top 8 contestants Zoë Modiga and Thembeka Mnguni have been signed by the label and more announcements will follow soon.

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