Power Couple SA: Ian and Roshila hit the road

Ivan and Roshila Jarosz from Pretoria became the fourth couple to be voted out ofPower Couple SA tonight. The controversial pair, who in challenges past were incredibly confident about their friendships in the house, failed to get the backing of any of their peers this week, and were unanimously voted out of the series.

Last week, the remaining clique of friends quickly realized that it was officially “game on”, and as a result, everyone started betting incredibly high amounts on their partners in their respective challenges. By the end of both the guys and the girls challenges, there was only a R25 000.00 difference separating the couple at the top from the couple at the bottom of the money ladder. Coincidentally, this was the exact amount of money that one couple stood to win in the couples challenge tonight. Ahead of the challenge, Ivan and Roshila found themselves at the bottom of the money ladder, with Dean and Crystal second from the bottom with only R3000.00 more in their electronic wallet.

The atmosphere in the villa was tense to start off with this week, as Ivan in particular started feeling the heat. Never one to hide his feelings, the rest of the couples soon picked up on the fact that he had his back up, but little did they know that things were swiftly going to head downhill for Ivan.

The five couples arrived at the V&A Waterfront canals, and host Ryan O’Connor explained to them that the challenge this week would not only test the couples’ communication skills, but also their patience and faith in each other. They couples would take turns to sail in a rubber dingy – the guys would be steering and the girls would be directing them. The twist of the challenge, however, was that the guys would be blindfolded for the process, and the girls had to direct them along the canals in order to retrieve four Power Couple tokens along the way. The fastest couple would win the challenge and earn an extra R25 000.00, the slowest couple would lose and be up for elimination.

The majority of the couples got off to a great start – even Emile and Razia who have lost more than one challenge in the past, managed to keep their time down. When it came to Roshila and Ivan’s turn in the boat, however, things were tense from the beginning. Knowing that she had to collect four tokens along the way, Roshila panicked under the time pressure and, upon approaching the third token, thought that they’d reached the end and had somehow missed a token along the way. She then made Ivan go back to look for the missing token, not realizing that they still had one stop ahead of them. By the time she realized her mistake, it was too late and they had clocked the slowest time. Ivan was livid with Roshila, and expressed as much to Ryan. Since Ivan and Roshila already had the lowest amount of money in their kitty, as well as having lost the challenge, it meant that they would go up against the couple with the second-least amount of money in their wallets – Dean and Crystal. This clearly came as a disappointment to this competitive couple, who had fared well in tonight’s challenge. The winners of the challenge were series front-runners PJ and Marzanne, narrowly beating out their friends Dyllan and Viki.

With Ivan seething at their loss, Ryan then threw an unexpected spanner in the works: the couples would go into the elimination ceremony that night, and not the following day. This meant that there would be extra pressure on the remaining couples to strategise and decide on who to send home. Back at the villa, everyone deconstructed the challenge, and Ivan – although he had forgiven Roshila for panicking under pressure – still raised the issue repeatedly. This did not sit well with anyone else in the villa, and in the end, everyone felt that Dean and Crystal’s relationship had grown significantly since the start of the show, while Ivan’s demeanor had taken a sharp turn in the last few days. His and Roshila’s loss in the couples challenge was in fact the final nail in their coffin, and they were sent home.

Next week, with only four couples remaining, they will be tasked to look at the bigger picture of their relationships. Both of the spectacular challenges in next week’s episode will test the intimate knowledge that the partners have of each other. Tune in for some big “ah-ha” moments!

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