Water restrictions imposed in Johannesburg

Johannesburg – The City of Johannesburg has implemented level 2 water restrictions as persistent drought continues to hit South Africa.

“The City of Johannesburg has been notified by Rand Water of further deterioration in bulk water supply, recommending a higher level of water supply restriction.”

“It is against this backdrop that the City of Joburg has to invoke section 44(3) of water restriction bylaw. Level 2 is more austere than level 1 restriction. Level 1 restriction is an appeal to residents and consumers to use water responsibly; sparingly as a mitigating measure,” the city said.

In terms of level 2 restriction, consumers were required to refrain from irrigating gardens between 6am and 6pm.

Residents were compelled not to fill their swimming pools and not to use hosepipes to wash their cars or paved areas.

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