Power Couple SA: Ian and Roshila hit the road

Ivan and Roshila Jarosz from Pretoria became the fourth couple to be voted out ofPower Couple SA tonight. The controversial pair, who in challenges past were incredibly confident about their friendships in the house, failed to get the backing of any of their peers this week, and were unanimously voted out

Power Couple SA: Communication, faith and patience

Last week on Power Couple SA, the remaining clique of friends quickly realized that it was “game on”, and as a result, everyone started betting incredibly high amounts on their partners in their respective challenges. By the end of both the guys and the girls challenges, there was only a R25 000.00 difference

Power Couple SA: Mother-in-laws & mountain rescues

The five remaining Power Couples - who have long enjoyed the comfort of their own friendship clique - realised that the competition has stepped up a gear. After Mo and Phindi’s elimination from the show last week which left many viewers reeling, strategy dominated the villa on the morning of

Power Couple SA: Bad Investments

In Power Couple SA, there were relationships to mend and challenges to be won… Dyl, Viki, PJ and Marzanne arrived back at the villa after spending the night at the breathtaking Bay Hotel for their reward from last week’s couples challenge. Little did they know what they’d missed out on, however,