#Looting = Increased Poverty

I published this piece on Facebook at 2am on the 14th July and have watched as all of my foresight has become apparent. Those who orchestrated this chaos knew exactly what they were doing!


*Loss of life 😢

*Increased covid infections/deaths due to looters not wearing masks/social distancing.

*Homes destroyed.

*Business interruption or permanent closure.

*Unemployment rises.

*Household income lost.

*Homelessness increase.

*Panic buying.

*Food shortages.

*Chronic medicine not available due to closure of suppliers.

*Bread, milk from local supplier/corner shop non existent.

*Fuel delivery delays as petrol runs out

.*Businesses closed to protect staff – lost revenue.

*Non availabilty of essential goods – short/long term.

*Destruction of property that might never be rebuilt.

*Covid vaccination centre’s closed.

*Local manufacturers that sell locally and export may not have access to parts due to suppliers having been burned down.

*Insurance industry will be stretched with claims

.*Lost revenue in taxes to government due to business closure.

*Government no funds to rebuild destroyed infrastructure.

*Undesirable travel destination.

*Loss of tourism revenue resulting in more job losses.

*Decease in international investment. Could have resulted in creation of employment.

*Withdrawal of international investment resulting in job losses.

*Jails and prisons need budget increase to deal with looting perpetrators.

*Justice system stretched due to looting convictions.

*Emergency Services/hospitals stretched to capacity.

I know this list is going to grow. It looks really grim. Could this lead to economic collapse of SA?Can government set up a disaster relief fund to help those who have been impacted by this lawlessness? Not everyone will have had insurance to protect them against these losses.


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