#JBobsLive coming to Joburg Theatre

This award winning and  production J.Bobs Live – A Game Show Double Bill combines the zany, high-energy Location Lekeyshini Lokasie (LLL), which runs for an hour and 10 minutes, followed by the 50-minute interactive game show, Off the Record. There will be a 15-minute interval between the two.

The fun-filled, interactive shows will run from 2-7 April at the Lesedi venue (formerly The Fringe) at 8pm, Tuesday to Saturday, with matinee performances at 3pm on the Saturday and Sunday.

The organisers are inviting eight teams of 10 to participate and, as the list fills up, players will be added to the marketing and publicity drives. The same shows will be presented nightly, but adding to the dynamics, different participants will compete each night.

Location Lekeyshini Lokasie takes on a fun-filled “game show, meets talk show, meets sketch” format.

“At last, here’s a show which examines, celebrates, critiques and reflects poignantly on the vast lived experiences of the many South African townships,” says Kiri Pink Nob founder Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala. “A show that looks like, sounds like and operates like the lokishi… For every Location… Lekeyshini… Lokasie.”

The game show element embraces team captains, points awarded and suspense and drama galore.

With strong audience participation, opinion polls, special guests and interviews – the whole shebang – it also has a strong talk-show feel.

But that’s not all – it’s also a sketch show, a zany series of skits, if you like. Variety vignettes, comedy scenes, parody and satire ensure the fun keeps flowing and the participants are inspired, entertained, challenged, possibly even left feeling vulnerable.

Off the Record is a unique challenge-based game which combines panel, quiz and game shows, using panel banter to present a sharp take on trivia quizzing.

The panellists drive the content with wit, humour and daring commentary, while during the general knowledge quiz, points are scored for various correctly-answered trivia questions. The interesting twist, however, is that the facts or answers are masked in sharp framing based on the source material. Think the BBC’s QI.

The game-show aspect involves impromptu physical games based on the content.

Speaking about the concept, Tshabalala says: “The tasks and challenges are the game – the ‘sport’ of it all, the panel’s quips are the gems – the ‘magic’ of it all, and the trivia in the quizzes is the unpredictable jewel – the ‘wow’ of it all.

“Here, the overt flamboyance of the township meets the subdued vileness of suburbia, and the blend is as beautiful as it is intriguing. A romantic mingle of palates that makes for an evening of riotous entertainment.

“Every show is one of loud chants, deafening screams, points scored, bonuses earned, victories felt, losses, winners, losers, prizes, fines, penalties… the whole game-show shebang.

“It is interactive, improvised theatre like you have never witnessed it before and the biggest player of every night is the audience.”


Social media handles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kiri-Pink-Nob-219747221391169/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KiriPinkNob

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kiripinknob/

Pre-booked tickets through www.webtickets.co.za  are R100 each or R120 at the door. The cost for block bookings of five or more is R90 per person or R80 per person for bookings of 10 or more.


Kiri Pink Nob is fast carving a name for itself in the creative space as a dynamic production house that seeks to be a leader in the practice of producing nuanced, contemporary South African art and entertainment.

The company produces plays, sketch-comedy shows, poetry-in-performance productions and slams, stand-up comedy shows and variety performance events (music, reading, games symposiums etc).

It boasts myriad productions, including the Naledi Award-nominated Secret Ballot, A Farsenating Blackfarce and Poet.O.Type. J.Bobs Live – A Game Show Double Bill was a nominee at last year’s BASA Awards with it partnership with Pop Art Theatre.

Its flagships are Poetry Overload, Sketching Hard, TEWOP (The Elite Wing of Poetry) and its Live Arts Sessions.

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