VIDEO: Meet Grand Illusionist Darcy Oake

For Darcy Oake, his Grand Illusionist career began with an innocent card trick at the age of 7. Oake’s father Scott, asked his son to pick a card from a deck, remember it and put it back in the deck. His father drew that card, astonishing his young son and forever changing his life’s path. His father did not know any magic tricks. It was pure luck. Or was it? Fate had put its hand into play.

Darcy spent countless solitary hours standing in front of a mirror perfecting magic tricks. He ate, slept and breathed his newfound passion and like all successful magicians, began to find himself in his craft and develop his unique onstage showmanship.

Fast-forward to 2014 and Darcy Oake received the breakthrough of a lifetime – an appearance before 200 million viewers on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. It was the birth of an electrifying new magician! He impressed both the judges and the audience, catapulting his star much higher than even he had believed possible.

In 2016 he made a guest appearance on America’s Got Talent proving once again that the impossible is possible and was further honoured to be a part of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebration where he performed before the Royal Family at a private dinner.

As a performance artist and modern interpreter of the art of illusion, Darcy transports audiences with his charm, his sleight of hand and logic-defying illusions. He has taken the rich heritage of the magic culture and put a fresh, young and modern twist on the profession.

Darcy Oake along with the rest of the team from The Illusionists Direct from Broadway, will be in South Africa for the first time ever, opening at GrandWest in January 2018, then moving to Montecasino’s Teatro from Valentine’s Day. Find more information on the tour dates right here.

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