UYANDA It’s On! Reality Show

JOHANNESBURG – Reality television show lovers are in for a treat as they watch Uyanda Sibiya Mbuli, rise like a phenix from the ashes, taking back her rightful place in the hearts of those who adored her, as well as those who have never heard her name.

At the same time Mbuli’s ‘haters’ are going to be holding their breath in case she may out them publicly on national television.

Many years ago Uyanda Mbuli retreated from the spot light due to excessive untruths that were published in the media. Her life was scrutinised and under attack from the shoes she wore, which were reported as fake, disputed educational qualifications, to rumours that she had attempted suicide.

‘I took the bricks which were thrown at me and have created stepping stones which I have used to pave the way for UYANDA IT’S ON, Season 1,’ said Mbuli.

‘I’ve put a lot of my life in this production. It took a lot of sweat, blood, tears, pain, hard work, laughter and joy to put it together.’

Mbuli’s reality show will take audiences through a fresh and exclusive peek into her history and current state of mind.

‘It took four full years of filming to get to this point. I must be honest and say it wasn’t easy for me, my friends and my team, who also made a lot of sacrifices working day and night.’

Mbuli is using this platform to share her failures, triumphs, blunders and successes, to inspire and motivate those going through their own challenge.

‘I will give audiences an in-depth peek into my life and plus an opportunity to cry with me, as they share my frustrations, and smile with me as I turn my life into one big adventure from Season 1 to Season 2.’

The show promises to be unpredictable.

Mbuli, who has many titles attached to her name: Miss Cape Town, Miss Mpumalanga, actress, business woman, SABC Department Head, fashion entrepreneur, socialite, positions in government plus more – now she adds television director and executive producer to her achievements, as she takes her life on screen for two thrilling seasons of ‘Uyanda, It’s On’.

Mbuli’s name was synonymous with the likes of Bonang Matheba, Lira, AKA, Gert-Johan Coetzee, Craig Jacobs and Amstel from 3Sum.

‘Uyanda It’s On’ will air on SABC3 at 9pm on Wednesday nights.

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