Sharks have more watery deals to ponder over Black Friday weekend

A mixed bag for the Sharks to choose from

In this week’s episode of M-Net and Telkom’s Shark Tank SA, the five business mogul investors are faced with a diverse assortment of business ideas and the people behind them. Whilst the Sharks have made it clear in previous episodes that ideas alone are not investable, they may surprise some eager entrepreneurs this time around.

Squaring up against the hungry investors in the chilly waters of the tank on Sunday are an advertising executive with an “always pouring, never boring” attitude to gaming, a construction professional from Nelspruit with an organic invention to fuel the Sharks’ fire, an entrepreneur from East London looking to sell the Sharks on his “smashing” idea for the mining industry and a couple from Cape Town with grand designs to revolutionise the big, wide world of weddings.

As always, the pioneering business owners will have to keep their wits about them in the tank this week, as the Sharks drill deep into finances and figures, crunch down on some lofty projections and surprise us by demonstrating that every rule has its exception too!

To find out more about the businesses that have been featured on the series so far, especially if you’re interested in supporting them with an order or purchase, go to or follow the conversation about the show on Twitter @MNetSharkTank with the hashtag #SharkTankSA.

Shark Tank SA, sponsored by Telkom SA, is screened on Sundays between 18:00 and 19:00 on M-Net 101. This corresponds with the timeslot on a Sunday when all DStv customers can get a taste of what’s available on M-Net 101, so if you’re not a DStv Premium customer, you can also go to channel 101 to watch Shark Tank SA. The series will also be available on DStv Catch Up and streamed live on DStv Now.

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