Shark Tank deals heat up

No holds barred as two more deals are clinched in the Shark Tank

Now that all five of the Sharks in M-Net and Telkom SA’s Shark Tank South Africa have invested in a number of diverse lcoal businesses, the gloves came off this week as they started snapping at each other in the face of some brand new budding business owners. Amongst the entrepreneurs who were brave enough to step into the tank this week, two received deals as Sharks Dawn Nathan-Jones and Gil Oved landed some interesting new additions to their portfolios.

Dawn, the only female Shark in the tank, made it clear from day one that she’ll invest in people who she believes in, despite whether their business projections are already big or are starting off small. It was no wonder then, that when 24-year-old Thabiso Mokomele from Gugulethu in Cape Town entered the tank, Dawn immediately got a glint in her eye.

Thabiso’s clothing line, “T-Squared” was started out of his own garage a few years ago. Since then, his distinctive streetwear brand has grown to the point where he now owns eight industrial sewing machines and his current premises is literally bursting at the seams. He needed the Sharks to give him the capital to expand, and quick. “You’re employing five people,” fellow Shark Marnus stated. “If we could get 400 000 entrepreneurs in this country on the level that you are, then unemployment is solved,” he raved. Dawn also loved Thabiso and his business from the start, and when he informed the Sharks that he is now branching into producing uniforms for local schools, it was enough for Dawn to take the plunge. Not only did she offer Thabiso much-needed capital to expand his business immediately, but she also gave him something that the other Sharks couldn’t: her time. She is relocating to Cape Town at the end of this year, and part of her deal included her one-on-one dedication to growing “T-Squared” in the Mother City.

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