Maslow Hotel to set up pop-up soup kitchens for needy

Sun International’s The Maslow Hotel sends out a pop-up soup kitchen to feed the indigent this winter
Temperatures are expected to plummet to early digits in July as winter reaches its frosty zenith on the Highveld. It a time when disadvantaged communities, desperately in need of food and warmth, need the most help.

The Maslow Hotel, a fine urban retreat to be found in the heart of Sandton, has stepped up to help. A roving soup kitchen – manned by Miss South Africa 2016,  Ntandoyenkosi Kunene, and Sun International staff – will visit areas where the need is greatest in and around Johannesburg.

The food truck will bring much needed sustenance to the hungry and, at the same time, hand out blankets to stave off the winter cold.

Maslow General Manager Ashwin Jose said: “We are committed to our Corporate Social Investment projects aimed at helping those in need in our society. We hope our pop-up soup kitchen will help add some cheer into the lives of those most affected by the chill of winter.”

The Maslow has committed to feed thousands of people in the month of July – 300 cups of soup a day, three times a week. And, they will hand out blankets on the days they dole out the soup.

The man behind the making of the soup, the Maslow’s Chef Jason Millar, is determined to add in as much nutrition as possible.

“I am passionate about making a difference – I would love to feed all those who are hungry – everywhere. But since that is not possible, we want to ensure that those people we do feed get a highly nutritious and delicious meal. It might be the only thing they get to eat that day.”

Chef Jason said: “We will be serving different soups everyday and they will be high end soups as if you were eating in a good restaurant. Effort is everything and my team knows how important this is to me.”

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