Kevin Hart: Small in stature, Huge in humour

One of the first things that Kevin Hart said when meeting media during his recent South African tour was:

“Please tell people I am taller than I am.”

This may be one of the reasons we, apart from a specially approved few, were only permitted to photograph him onstage. I am guessing because he would appear taller.

Protocol was very strict during the press conference where we were also not permitted to live stream the press briefing via our cell phones, nor capture any video on any form of device.

I wanted to ask if we were permitted to question him seeing as all these restrictions had been imposed on us. Restrictions really a blow to myself as I am a multimedia journalist, with my prime stories being derived from video or photographic material.

Luckily I was prepared with good audio recorder. I did not request permission to record audio just in case it was declined.

Full of mischief as I can sometimes be, I stirred up the media who had been awaiting Mr Hart’s delayed arrival. I think that the M-Net representatives may have been wary of letting me ask any questions – alas for them when Hart looked to the floor I  jumped to the edge of my seat and waved my hands all about.

Hart acknowledged my enthusiasm and said he knew that this was going to be a good first question…

I asked him about the rumours published that he had been mugged in Durban – he responded as follows:

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