Power Couple SA winners: Emile and Razia

The public have voted and they have chosen Emile (36) and Razia Samson (34) from Johannesburg as South Africa’s ultimate Power Couple!

Emile and Razia received the good news at the glamorous live final of the reality show, which was broadcast from The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay.

The couple believe that it was how well they know each other that gave them the edge over their competition.

“Emile knew not to invest a lot of money on any of the eating challenges,” said Razia. “He knew I would not eat eyeballs. Yes I tried, but could not go through with it. Emile knew that.”

“We are really in-tune with each other and that is what pushed us through. We did not necessarily have to do those terrible things that we did not want to do.”


Emile and Razia nearly threw in the towel very early in the series as they were faced with the second challenge. Laughing Razia described what happened: “Before the challenge the ladies were all calming me down and preparing me. Emile was going to hang from a crane and hold on to me.  All I could think of was what have I got myself into – but I did it.”

“I have faced every fear that I have,” said Razia.  “I feel that out of all the contestants – I was scared of 99% of the stuff (that we did). I am afraid of heights, worms, snakes and everything. I pushed and challenged myself and realised that I can do it.”

The other challenge that nearly sent Razia packing was the one with the little creatures. “There were rats, worms and snakes. (Show presenter) Ryan O’Connor told me that I did not have to do it. It was a couples challenge and I was allowed to opt out.”

“I could see she was starting to see this was a way out,” said Emile. “I was like no, no, no – we are not opting out. We just need to get a bag from a tank with animals in it. I told Razia we can do this.”

The last challenge to fully test Razia was changing the tyre of a car, 25-metres above the ground. She said that she knew she just had to do it.

Emile and Razia have walked away with the coveted title as well as R508 000.00 – the total amount of amount of money that they managed to accumulate throughout the series.


“We have not really thought about what we are going to do with the money,” said Emile. “It is the first time that we have landed such a large sum of money. I think we need to be very clever and think about how we are going to use it strategically.”

“Shopping,” shrieked Razia, when asked what she thinks they should do with the money.

Runners-up, Dyllan Smith (36) and Viki van den Barselaar-Smith (35) from Salt Rock in KZN lost all the cash they had banked during the show. But, courtesy of the headline sponsors of the series, Lottostar.co.za, there was a surprise awaiting them. Instead of going home completely empty-handed, they received a cheque for R100 000.00.


The relationships of 8 South African couples which tested  through a variety of breathtaking challenges in this reality series. Emile and Razia were the couple that survived the most elimination ceremonies, having been in the hot seat three times. Despite not being physically strong in the challenges, their authenticity as a pair, coupled with the fact that they forged good relationships with everyone in the villa and invested wisely in each other, stood them in excellent stead.

Viki and Dyl on the other hand showed impressive physical and strategic strength throughout the series, winning numerous couples’ challenges and even having an almost perfect run of investments and challenges two weeks ago, something that no other couple managed to achieve. Their personal journey on the show also won the hearts of many South Africans, as they laid their problems on the table for all to see, and worked on them throughout the series.

Up until last week’s penultimate episode, the couples who all lived together in a luxurious villa in Camps Bay, decided which pairs were eliminated throughout the show, up until only two couples remained. Thereafter, M-Net viewers had the opportunity to choose the winner by voting for their favourite couple. The results of the voting were verified by auditing company, Deloitte & Touche.

No decisions have been made concerning a second season of the show. Emile however shared some advice for couples who may consider entering. “This game is a very complex thing. I don’t know where I would start to give advice.”

“In a nutshell I would say be yourself. Embrace every moment. Live every day to the fullest and see where it takes you.”

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