Jeff Ross roasts Madiba’s memory

Kicking off the International Comedy Festival Roast Gala at The Globe, Silverstar Casino last night, ‘Roast Master’ Jeff Ross from the USA, took to the stage asking the audience what they thought of his shirt.


“I went to Soweto yesterday,” said Ross whose shirt featured images of Madiba.


“I took a tour and I went to Nelson Mandela’s house. It was a very moving experience.”


“People always talk about the great things that Nelson Mandela did but they never talk about the fact that he was a shitty interior decorator – I’m just saying folks.”


Once the laughter died down he continued: “I cried when Nelson Mandela passed away. I even called his brother Howie Mandela. He (Howie) said it is cool man – we were not really that close.”


Ross exclaimed that he did not know where to draw the line with this particular audience and he decided to just f**king go for it.

Whether he knew it or not, he was joking about Madiba on the eve before the second anniversary of his passing.


“He was an inspiration Nelson Mandela. He spent 27-years in prison and didn’t fall apart. He completely changed himself.”


“He became Morgan Freeman – the greatest actor of our generation.”


Ross said he is most impressed at how much South Africa still cherishes the memory of Madiba saying: “I was looking at a hundred dollar (rand) with Nelson Mandela’s picture on the front and his first wives picture on the back.” (We can assume he meant Winnie Madikizela-Mandela – as Evelyn Mase is not too well known as Madiba’s first wife.)


The audience could only be described as eating up every word he said with appreciation. Ross reacted to their enthusiasm saying he could feel the love in the room and felt that he could say anything to them.


Pointing to his shirt Ross said: “Look at this. Do you know what is really cool to know. As much as this means a lot to me – Nelson Mandela had a shirt with my picture on it.”


The show progressed with the hilarity expected from this world renowned comedian, culminating in a competition where local comedians went head to head roasting each other and being judged by Ross himself.


Roasting jousts featured Dillan Oliphant who went up against Celeste Ntuli; Dusty Rich versed Chris Forrest; with final roast session between Trevor Gumbi and John Vlismis.


Roast finalists Dillan Oliphant, Dusty Rich and Trevor Gumbi went head to head roasting Ross.


The victor ‘Dillan Oliphant ‘was triumphant with this one liner: “Jeff Ross was such an ugly kid that he even received rejection letters from peadophiles.”


The show which was filmed in its entirety should be available for viewing in the near future on DStv Comedy Central channel in the next couple of months. Jeff Ross fans should keep an eye out for this as it should not be missed.

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