VIDEO: Gert-Johan Coetzee contributes to raise funds for Joburg Ballet

Fashion designer Gert-Johan Coetzee could not resist when approached by with the opportunity to assist in raising funds for the Joburg Ballet.

Coetzee who is used to dressing models and high profile customers, rolled up his sleeves, assisted with hair and styling, as he draped his red carpet gowns on professional ballet dancers during a photographic shoot. The portraits, ten in total, will be sold on auction at the CIRCA Gallery, Rosebank, on 1st December 2015, to raise funds for the Joburg Ballet., proposed putting together a series of photographs of dancers in South-African designer pieces for quite some time, and when Gert-Johan Coetzee, one of our country’s most loved fashion designers, agreed to be involved, they knew the time was right. Coetzee’s designs epitomise everything a woman wants to experience when getting dressed for an occasion and this, combined with the grace and elegance of the ballet dancers of the Joburg ballet, seemed like the perfect combination for collaborative initiative.

A team of experts including husband and wife team, creative director Raschika Marx-Badenhorst and photographer Jurgen Marx, make-up artists, videographers, printers and framers came together to create something beautiful.
Marx-Badenhorst wants to make sure that this will be the first of many collaborations between various Art forms. The more money raised for the Ballet, the better. The project has brought together photography, fashion design, dance, and sculpture all in one space.

“Growing up as the daughter of a ballet teacher and dancing for 25 years myself,” said Marx-Badenhorst, “I saw firsthand what ballet did for the hundreds of girls that went through her studio doors. It is not just about the physical development and the grace and poise as so many people think. Children that do ballet learn self-discipline, perseverance and gain the emotional intelligence to make it through the challenges of adult life.”

“Children who do ballet also learn to take ownership of their bodies, it keeps them off the street and out of trouble. Children who spend their time at the studio trying to perfect their Art don’t have time to mess around. Our support of the ballet is about the support of the next generation of children that can gain these skills and become valuable members of society.”

“Most little girls want to be princesses and we reckon that if that is what they want, lets not just give them pretty pop starts to aspire to become, but strong, determined and disciplined ballerinas. Then when they are old enough to make career choices, the foundation will have been laid to pursue those career choices with gusto. That is what we can do for young children in this nation, give them something to aspire to, build them up spirit soul and body and we believe Ballet can do that.”

“A ballet dancer represents beauty, strength, determination and grace all in one and with these images we wanted to bring that back to the foreground. Children should be taught that It takes real blood sweat and tears to become something special and that when you don’t succeed at first, try again until you do.”

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