Power Couple SA: Mother-in-laws & mountain rescues

The five remaining Power Couples – who have long enjoyed the comfort of their own friendship clique – realised that the competition has stepped up a gear. After Mo and Phindi’s elimination from the show last week which left many viewers reeling, strategy dominated the villa on the morning of a new cycle of challenges.

First up was “Power Man”! The guys – dressed in full super hero gear, complete with a cape and some bright red spandex – had to rescue their “damsels in distress”. The girls were tied up and suspended above a pit of snakes while the guys had to soar through tree tops on a set of zip-lines in order to gather four keys which would ultimately unlock their chained up “power shield”, and rescue their ladies by blocking the entrance to the snake pit. Once they landed at the snake pit, the guys had just 2 minutes to undo all of the locks, while their damsels were slowly being lowered into the pit. Little did they know that none of the keys actually worked! The aim of the challenge was to save their partners from being lowered into the pit no matter what, and luckily all of the guys’ instincts took over and they rushed to their wives’ rescue despite not being able to undo the locks and block the pit with the shield. They had to use their initiative – and their bodies – instead. As Viki said afterwards, “…this immense relief that [Dyl] chose me instead of thinking about the locks… it overwhelmed me.”

All of the men succeeded in their challenge, but after strategizing about betting conservatively earlier in the day, Dean became upset with Crystal for playing it safe once he succeeded, and had found out how much the other ladies had wagered on their men. Crystal bet the least out of all of the women, placing R28 000.00 on Dean. Viki, however, went all in on love and bet the full R50 000.00 on Dyl – the most anyone has ever bet in a first round challenge. And it paid off for them, putting them well in the lead ahead of the girls challenge the next day. Later in the evening, Crystal and Dean ended up having an altercation that left Crystal emotional and turning to Roshila for some advice on what to do. “I want this to be an experience for our relationship, and not just about winning. I know that something good can come out of this,” Crystal confided. Despite the frosty atmosphere between them when they went to bed, Dean woke up the next day realizing that he’d been too hard on Crystal and sincerely apologized for his behavior. This seemed to be a big step for competitive Dean, who would previously stew over their performances in each challenge.


With the tone of their relationship positively restored, Crystal and the rest of the ladies had to face the next challenge, which, unbeknownst to them would involve a very special visitor: their mothers-in-law! Host Ryan O’Connor explained in the investment room that the guys’ mothers and their wives would be suspended on a bench in the air. Together, they would be tasked to answer questions according to what they thought the guy’s answer would be. There were five questions in total pertaining to the guys’ relationships with their mothers and their wives. For each question the ladies got wrong, the bench would be dropped by a few meters. If the ladies got more than two answers wrong, the bench would be back on the ground and the challenge would be lost, as well as the money that their partners had invested in them.

After many of the girls all went high in the investment room the previous day, the guys went in big on their wives too, betting some of the largest amounts in the season so far. With the competitive spirits high, the guys went into the warehouse to be greeted by their excited Moms. And when the wives took off their blindfolds, they were all just as surprised and thrilled to see their mothers-in-law. Despite some jokes to the contrary, like Marzanne who affectionately called PJ’s Mom her “monster-in-law”, there were many squeals of delight as the ladies came face-to-face with their familiar loved ones. It was clear that the inter-familial relationships were strong across the board, as all of the girls, with the help of their husbands’ mothers, managed to complete the challenge successfully. This means that going into the couples challenge next week, Ivan and Roshila will have the most to play for, as they are currently at the bottom of the money ladder, followed closely by Dean and Crystal, whose relationship seems to be more solid than ever, despite being in second-last position.

Next week, many of the positive feelings between the couples from tonight’s episode will evaporate under the pressure of a very tricky couples challenge which will test the couples’ communication skills, as well as their faith in each other. As a result, tempers will flare ahead of one of the hardest eliminations so far…

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