Power Couples’ face their fears

This week on Power Couple SA, Mo and Phindi as well as Dean and Crystal have everything to play for as they currently find themselves at the bottom of the electronic money ladder, and potentially up for elimination. This came after both Mo and Dean failed to complete the guys challenge last week, despite their wives’ confident bets on them succeeding.

This week’s couples challenge forces the contestants to bear their ugly sides while simultaneously facing their fears. The couples will have to take turns to identify 5 negative character traits that their partners chose to describe themselves with. There is always a twist, however, and this week there will be plenty of creepy crawlies involved in completing the challenge – from snakes, to rats, to hissing cockroaches – and even baby crocodiles! There will also be some big revelations for certain couples as they are faced to acknowledge some faults within themselves, while the dynamics in the house seem to have settled down… for now.

With another elimination inevitable this week, who will triumph against the odds, and who will be sent packing?

Watch Power Couple SA on M-Net Channel 101 on Thursday night at 19:30 for all of the action.

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