Power Couple SA: Bad Investments

In Power Couple SA, there were relationships to mend and challenges to be won…

Dyl, Viki, PJ and Marzanne arrived back at the villa after spending the night at the breathtaking Bay Hotel for their reward from last week’s couples challenge. Little did they know what they’d missed out on, however, as Ivan and Mo’s explosive altercations – after Ivan and Roshila forfeited the couples challenge by deliberately losing – were still fresh in everyone’s minds back at home.

Despite the previous night’s fireworks though, Mo and Phindi immediately started talking strategy as they woke, knowing that the day would bring a new set of individual challenges. Meanwhile Marzanne confronted PJ about the fact that he was too focused on being friends with the guys, rather than being in a team with her. It was time for him to step up his relationship game with his wife.

The girls challenge was up first, and Ryan informed the guys of what lay ahead. The challenge would test the girls’ general knowledge in a variety of categories – from popular culture to sport. As always, there was a twist, though: the guys chose which categories their partners had to answer questions from, and if their partner answered a question incorrectly, the guy would be shocked – quite literally – with a light bolt of electricity from a collar that was attached to their necks! Feeling confident, Dyl invested R28000.00 in Viki – the highest wager of all of the men, while Emile wagered a meager R4000.00 on Razia’s general knowledge skills. In the end, all the ladies managed to successfully complete the challenge, with the exception of Roshila. Ivan did not take the loss well, retreating into their bedroom as soon as they returned to the villa. Some members of the house felt that this was sore loser behavior, since they still had two challenges to go before the next elimination. Razia was also left feeling annoyed with Emile for not putting more faith in her and betting so little.

imageThe next day it was the guys’ turn, with some couples needing to play some serious catch up if they were to stay out of the bottom place on the money ladder. Ryan informed the ladies that in this challenge the guys would be strapped to a rotating board which would plunge their heads in and out of a pool of water, all while having to answer questions about their relationships that had numerical answers. With each correct answer, the women would be able to unlock a box with a combination padlock until they successfully reached a buzzer under the last box. All of this had to be done in the space of 4 short minutes. It would undoubtedly be a tough challenge, but Phindi, Viki and Crystal all went big with their bets on their men, with Phindi investsing R43 000.00 on Mo and Viki and Crystal both betting a giant R50 000.00 on their partners. Meanwhile Roshila decided to go all in on Ivan with the remaining money that they had from their previous challenge.

The challenge was more grueling than anyone anticipated, with the guys struggling to keep focus while being rotated in and out of the water. In the end, two of the women who had bet the biggest in the investment room did not have their partners successfully complete the challenge, namely Crystal and Dean, and Phindi and Mo. This meant that they now hold the bottom two places on the money ladder respectively, and are in danger of being up for elimination should they fail at the couples challenge next week.

As always, the stakes will be raised again next week when everyone will be confronted with some of their biggest fears in order to stay out of the elimination hot seat.

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